Meals for Many

Meals for Many is an annual event which brings together meal provider member agencies to create and serve a meal for needy community members.  This yearly event gives MPC members the opportunity to learn safe food handling techniques and how to plan healthy balanced menus for large meals.  In addition, this annual event provides an opportunity for members to network with one another, and to learn about each others individual programs.

Meals for Many 2010 was on August 11th at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission.  John Platt chef/owner of St. Clouds restaurant was our guest chef who helped our meal provider volunteers create a truly exceptional lunch.  We began the day meeting in the chapel of the mission and discussed food safety, nutritional excellence, environmental safety, how to best utilize donated foods, as well as the day’s menu.  The items presented can be seen here in the 2010 Meals for Many Handouts.  At 9:30 a.m. sharp we all moved into the kitchen to begin the preparation of the meal.  Even with a disabled oven this great group of meal providers were successful in preparing more than 200 meals in just 2 hours time.  Congratulations on a great meal, and a great learning experience.

Learning about the meal

Getting Organized

Preparing the Rice

Serving a Great Lunch