Nutrition Seminar Series

MPC has come to understand that in order to best support our meal provider members, we must also support our larger community by providing nutrition education.  An aspect of our “Eat Real Food Campaign” has been a series of nutritional education seminars for non-profit meal providers and community members interested in improving the nutritional quality of their meals.  We would like to share this information with you, and hope that it helps you to better understand your own nutritional needs, and how to support the needs of our most vulnerable community members.

MPC would like to thank our 2010 Nutrition Seminar educators, Ginger Donald & Bridget Nichols. Both of these great volunteers are currently attending Bastyr University and are working towards their Masters in Nutrition.  Each nutrition seminar will focus on one of the three daily meals and will include special topics, and will be posted on our calender.  For more detailed information please see our Nutrition Seminar flier.

2010 Nutrition Seminar Series

Nutrition Seminar 1 – Breakfast

Nutrition Seminar 2 – Lunch

Nutrition Seminar 3 – Dinner

The following document is the compiled information presented through the 2009 Nutrition Seminar Series.

2009 Nutrition Seminar Documents