Meals Partnership Coalition is an organization that supports complex and diverse meal programs in our community.  Through systemic support MPC is able to ensure that non-profit meal providers have the resources necessary to provide safe and nutritious meals. Our campaigns include: Adopt a Meal Program which partners local meal providers with people in their immediate area for financial and volunteer support; Eat Real Food Campaign which educates donors and community members about the importance of nutritiously dense foods within meal programs for vulnerable community members; Safe Food/Safe Environments Campaign which educates meal providers and donors about the importance of safe environmental conditions for food preparation; Food Insecurity Education that helps the community understand the importance of nutrition and how food insecurity affects our community; Seattle Serves & Shares Safety Task Force which provides information on safe meal service and health codes, as well as organizations to volunteer with; The Call to Caring which is a collaborative effort with local community members to end institutional racism and ensure that all community members have at least their basic needs met. If you are interested in learning more about any of these campaigns, please see the pages listed above.

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