Call to Caring

In 2009 the Seattle Human Services Coalition made a decision to revisit the 20/20 Vision and how to update it with today’s economy and leadership in mind.  The result of this conversation has been the  Call to Caring.  The Call to Caring is a continuously developing conversation that works to end institutional racism in our community and will help ensure that all Seattle residents basic needs are met.  These basic needs include housing/shelter, healthful/nutritional foods, access to mental health/medical care, sound education, safe affordable child care, livable wage jobs, affordable community activities, and a sustainable environmental economic and social balance.

At the April, 2009 MPC meeting our membership agreed to participate in the Call to Caring and has been an active member in the conversation.

2010 Update

The Call to Caring is continuing to develop into a mechanism of change that will benefit all people in our community.  Currently the Call to Caring is creating “self agitation discussion questions.”  These discussions are focused on questions such as; “What would our society look like if those who have access to resources & people who don’t have resources joined forces for the common good?”  If you would like to begin a conversation within your community, or bring your community into the Call to Caring, please contact Seattle Human Services Coalition at 206-325-7105.